GGL fields two teams  each season, a JV and Varsity squad.  The season starts at the end of February and runs through the end of May.  Varsity plays approximately 18 games in a season. JV will usually have fewer games since not every  HS School in the league fields a JV team.  Games  and practices are held on weekdays.    Varsity will have the opportunity to qualify for playoffs and compete for the State Championship at seasons end.  

Practices and home games are held at Delta Park on Strasser Field.   Uniforms are provided by the team. Players must provide their own stick, cleats, protective googles and mouth guard.  In the off season fall  practices are normally held  at Grant HS.  

Photo by John Davenport- For Eyes Photography

Photo by John Davenport- For Eyes Photography

Photo by John Davenport- For Eyes Photography

Team Activities

During the course of the year  GGL organizes team related activates and events.  Here are a few examples 

Team Dinners

Teams dinner are held once a week during the season after practice.  Dinners donated by generous supporters and  individuals.  Please visit our sponsorship page to see a list of businesses and organizations that support GGL. 

Pre-Season Play

As a part of our role as a Public Charity GGL will often help facilitate the formation and registration of girls teams for pre-season tournaments and indoor leagues. These teams maybe composed of Grant players as well as players from other local high schools.  These events are run by local clubs and schools.  They are not official GGL programs and not run under the direction of GGL's coaching staff.   Participation in these events is voluntary and fees may apply. 

Volunteering & Fundraising

Throughout the year GGL participates in programs to raise funds for the club as well as volunteering  to give back to the community.  Players and families will be asked at various times to participate in these programs.  

Team Bounding

During the season several team bounding events may be scheduled.  At the end of the season we strive to hold a party for the team to celebrate the season.   We also try to  organize a  family pot luck at some point during the season to allow  player families an opportunity to meet and get to know one another.  Our ability to hold these events are entirely  subject to the generous contribution from our player families and supporters.

Coaching Staff

Helen McDevitt

Head Coach

Yecenia Arrezola

Varsity Assistant

Nyla Porter

JV Coach

Meghan Dillon

JV Assistant

How to Join

Getting Started

Participation in GGL is open to  girls  enrolled in high school living within the attendance boundaries of Grant, McDaniel, Roosevelt and Jefferson High Schools. However, students need not attend these schools to be eligible to join the team. Freshman and students new to the program are welcome and encouraged to start by joining  practices in the fall.  There is no cost  or registration required to attend fall practices. Visit the team calendar or email for more information on  times and location. 


Registration for the Spring Season will normally open in January.  This will be accompanied by a pre-season information meeting typically held in February at Grant High School.   Check the events section of this site for information on how to register, meeting dates and other related information.   Note: all players must have a current USA Lacrosse membership to play on the team. 

The cost of registration is set each year based on the forecast for operating expenses in the coming season and proceeds available from fundraising efforts.    Fees are  published when registration opens.  Our aim is to always keep the cost for participation as low as possible.   Scholarships are available for students who may not have the means to cover the cost.   Please contact with any questions.  

Generals In Action

One the Move

Kate  Ratanaproeksa
Grant -v- Lincoln

Ready for the Shot

Annika Byelick
Grant -v- West Linn

Going for Goal

Erin McDevitt
Grant -v- Lincoln